Alexander Stewart, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vitae
Alexander Stewart

Department of Music   
University of Vermont   
Burlington, VT 05405
(802) 656-7766
(802) 310-2009 (cell)   





      Ph.D. in Music (Ethnomusicology Concentration), 2000

      Dissertation: Composition and Performance in Contemporary New York City Big Bands (1989-1999) Advisor: Stephen Blum          



      Master of Music, Jazz and Commercial, 1991



      B.F.A., summa cum laude, in Music Education, 1988






        Professor, 2012-present

        Associate Professor, 2005-2012

            Assistant Professor, 1999-2005

            Jazz Studies Coordinator, 2003-present

            Director, Integrated Fine Arts Program, 2008-2012

            Director, Latin American Studies Program, Spring 2006; 2011-present



            Instructor in Music, 1988-1999

            Director of Jazz Studies


Additional courses at:

            The New School (Jazz and American Culture), 1995-1997

            John Jay College of CUNY (History of Jazz and Rock), 1995





Jazz History

Jazz Improvisation I & II

World Music Cultures

Seminar in Ethnomusicology

Music Theory

Musical Avant-Gardes

Music of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic

Duke Ellington

Jazz Ensembles (Big Band and Combos)

Seminar in World Music (Honors College)

Latin Jazz Summer Immersion

Music Business & Copyright

Culture and Politics of Latin American Protest Music (team taught with professors from PoliticalScience, Romance Languages, and Global Studies)






Making the Scene: Contemporary New York City Big Band Jazz, Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007.


Spanish translation from the French and German: Hans Bodenmann, El ABC de la Flauta Dulce. Zurich: Anton Peterer Music & Books, 2003 (Recorder method book).


Articles, Book Chapters, Reviews, Entries


“Been Caught Stealing”: A Musicologist’s Perspective on Unlicensed Sampling Disputes” University of Missouri Kansas City Law Review 83(2): 340-61 (Winter 2014).


“Make It Funky: Fela Kuti, James Brown and the Invention of Afrobeat.” American Studies 52(4) (2013): 99-118.


La chilena mexicana es peruana: Multiculturalism, Regionalism, and Transnational Musical Currents in the Hispanic Pacific.” Latin American Music Review/Revista de Música Latinoamericana 34(1) (Spring 2013) Austin: University of Texas Press.


“‘Funky Drummer’: New Orleans, James Brown and the Rhythmic Transformation of American Popular Music.” Reprinted in Roots Music, edited by Mark F. DeWitt. London: Ashgate, 2011 (originally published in Popular Music 19(3) October 2000 Cambridge University Press).


Review of Ben Ratliff, Coltrane: The Story of a Sound. Jazz Perspectives 2(1):103-109 (2008).


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Review of Scott DeVeaux, The Birth of Bebop. Yearbook of Traditional Music 30 (1998): 135-7.


Under review or in preparation


Study of relationship of Music and Anarchism: “Music, Media, and Anarchism in the ‘Oaxaca Commune’” (In progress).





“Creativity and Copyright,” Champlain College, November 11, 2015


Invited Keynote Speaker: Symposium on Hip Hop, Technology, and Copyright. Utah State University, March 28, 2015.


“Make It Funky: Fela Kuti, James Brown and the Invention of Afrobeat.” Annual Conference of the American Studies Association. Washington DC, November 23, 2013.


“Creativity and Copyright,” Champlain College, October 25, 2013


“Lila Downs: Music, Culture, and Politics in Oaxaca, Mexico.” Pre-Concert Lecture. Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Burlington, VT. April 26, 2013.


“Music, Media, and Anarchism in the Oaxaca Commune” Paper presented at Music and War Panel. AMS/SEM/SMT Annual Conference. New Orleans. Nov. 2, 2012.


Pasos cromáticos en la improvisación del jazz (Chromatic Passing Tones in Jazz Improvisation).” Lecture/workshop (in Spanish) at Instituto Projazz, Santiago, Chile. May 31, 2012.


“Musicology CSI: Sampling, Interpolation, and Copyright.” Thursdays at One Performance/Lecture Series, UVM Music Department.


“Music, Media, and Anarchism in the ‘Oaxaca Commune,’” Presentation to University of Vermont Global Village, 15 February 2011.    


Son de las barricadas: Protest song and revolution on Oaxaca’s Radio APPO.” Paper read at the annual conference of Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) in Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 2010.


Son mexicano” OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute). Pre-Concert Lecture Sones de México, Lane Series 8 October 2010.


Música popular and the Ideology of mestizaje in Postrevolutionary Mexico.” 1 October 2010, UVM Hispanic Forum.


Musicology CSI: Sampling, Interpolation, and Copyright.” Invited lecture, State University of New York (SUNY) Albany, 28 April 2010.


“La Chilena Mexicana: Transnational Musical Currents in the Hispanic Pacific” Global and Regional Studies Lecture, 17 March 2010 Billings Marsh Lounge.


“Copyrights and Copywrongs: Introduction to Forensic Musicology” Invited lecture, State University of New York (SUNY) Plattsburgh, 11 March 2010.


FLYNNsights: Lecture on Charles Mingus opening the residency of the Mingus Repertory Ensembles (Mingus Dynasty, Mingus Orchestra, and Mingus Big Band along with dance troupe choreographed by Danny Buraczeski at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. 17 October 2010.


“Supergenre, genre, subgenre: Mexican son and the chilena complex.” Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) in Mexico City, November 2009.


Socialismo con pachanga: Music in Revolutionary Cuba.” Hispanic Forum, University of Vermont, 22 October 2009.


“Performing Race: Afro-Mexicans and Multiculturalism in Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza.” Paper presented at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) XXVIII International Congress, “Rethinking Inequalities” Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 12 June 2009.


La chilena oaxaqueña: “El gusto de mi region.” Paper presented at the annual conference of the Sonneck Society for American Music (SAM), Denver, CO, 19-22 March 2009.


Insights FlynnArts. Pre-concert lecture on Maria Schneider and her Orchestra. 22 January 2009. Amy E. Tarrant Gallery at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts.


“Performing Race: Afro-Mexicans and Multiculturalism in Oaxaca’s Guelaguetza Festival.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, 28 October 2008.


La Danza de las Diablas”? Race, Gender, and Local Identity in Afro-mestizo communities of Mexico’s Costa Chica. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), Columbus, OH, 28 October 2007.


Son de las Barricadas”: Songs of Protest from the Spanish Civil War to the Present on Oaxaca’s Radio APPO.” Hispanic Forum, University of Vermont, 10 October 2007.


“Cross-Cultural Learning through Music and Dance: A UVM Class in Guantánamo, Cuba.” Presentation to the UVM College of Arts and Sciences Advisory Board, April 2004.


“Beauty and the Beast: Maria Schneider’s Wyrgly.” Paper presented at special session of the joint meetings of Society for Music Theory (SMT) and the American Musicological Society (AMS), “Women in Jazz: Voices and Roles,” Columbus, OH, 1 November 2002.


“On the Edge: Sue Mingus and the Mingus Big Band.” Colloquium at the University of Illinois (Urbana and Champaign), 6 March 2002.


Blood on the Fields: Wynton Marsalis and the Transformation of the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra.” Paper read at the 2001 annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM), Detroit, October 2001.


“The Jazz Concerto as Collaborative Work: Jim McNeely’s ‘Sticks.’” Paper read at the joint meeting of the Society for Music Theory (SMT) and other major music societies in Toronto, 4 November 2000.


“New York City Big Bands and the Professional Jazz Musician.” Paper read at the annual meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) in Bloomington, IN, 24 October 1998.


“From Mardi Gras to Funk: Professor Longhair, James Brown and the Transformation of Rhythm and Blues.” Paper read at joint meeting of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) and the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) in Pittsburgh, PA, October 1997.                                                                                                                                                     





Expert Report in Bridgeport Music, Inc. v. Dimension Films, 410 F.3d 792 (6th Cir. 2005). Case recognized as setting new “bright line” standard for use of samples of copyrighted recordings.


Testimony in trial in Federal District Court, Nashville TN, Case No. 3:01-780, Bridgeport Music v. Universal Music. February 2007. “Atomic Dog” and “D.O.G. in Me.” Affirmed by US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 07-5596, November 4 2009. Case examined issues concerning fragmented literal similarity, originality, and fair use.


Testimony in Federal District Court, Nashville, TN Case No. 3:01-0155 involving rap artist, the Notorious B.I.G and the Ohio Players. (March 2006). Affirmed by US Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, No. 06-6294, October 17 2007.


Testimony by Deposition (for the Plaintiff), Case No. 1:09-cv-21597-DLG (Florida Southern District Court) Kernel Records Oy v. Timothy Z. Mosley p/k/a Timbaland,  UMG Recordings, Inc, et al. New York City, May 27, 2010.


Testimony by Deposition (for the Defense), Case No. 37-2008-00098508-CU-BT CTL (California Southern District Court) Sixuvus v. Victor Willis, New York City, July 7, 2010.


Testimony by Deposition (Los Angeles, September 2011). Case No. 10-CV-08123 Phoenix Phenom v. William Adams, Jr. Stacy Ferguson, et. al.


Testimony by Deposition (New York City, January 2012). Case No. SACV10-1656JST(RZx) Pringle v. William Adams, Jr. Stacy Ferguson, et. al.


Testimony by Deposition (New York City, June 3, 21, 2013). Case No. CV12-5967

VMG Salsoul, LLC v. Madonna Ciccone, Shep Pettibone, et al.


Testimony by Deposition (New York City, September 11, 2013). 11-cv-6811. Marino v. Usher.


Testimony by Deposition (Burlington, VT, May 20, 2015). RALEIGH-#301280 Absent Element v. Daughtry.


Expert reports and consulting in musicology for King and Ballow, Nashville, TN; Schwartz Cooper, Chicago, IL; Eisenberg Tanchum & Levy, New York NY; Microhits, Los Angeles, CA; Pen Music Group, Los Angeles CA, Rawson, Merrigan & Litner, Greenfield and Boston, MA; JPMC Burlington, VT; Kile, Goekjian, McManus, Washington, DC; Gould Law Group, Chicago, IL; Robert S. Besser Law Offices, Santa Monica, CA; Richardson, Patrick, Westbrook & Brickman, LLC, Mt. Pleasant SC; Hall, Booth, Smith & Slover, Atlanta GA; Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone, Detroit. MI; Grubman, Indursky, Shire & Meiselas, New York NY; Clair G. Burrill, Los Angeles CA; Brooks Pierce, Raleigh, NC; Big Yellow Dog Music, Nashville; Warner Bros; and many others.


Classes and seminars in Music Business and Copyright


Symposium on Music Copyright. University of Vermont, January 2003.



Interdisciplinary Experiential Engagement Award for course proposal, Culture and Politics of Latin American Protest Music, to be taught in collaboration with Political Science, Romance Languages, Global Studies, and Music Departments. January 2013.


Lattie F. Coor Award for International Travel to present paper and chair panel at the Society for Ethnomusicology conference (SEM) Mexico City. November 2009.


Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award Performing Race: Afro-Mexicans, Multiculturalism, and the “Black Pacific.”


Lattie F. Coor Award for International Travel to present paper at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. June 2009.      


Fulbright Research Fellowship to Mexico, Afro-Mexican music, 2006-7.


Award for Contribution to Vermont Jazz Education, presented by Wynton Marsalis and the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, October 2005.


UVM Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fund for Faculty Development (to initiate fieldwork in the Costa Chica of Mexico), Fall 2005.


UVM Humanities Center Research Grant, Spring 2004.


UVM Global Outreach Committee Grant, March 2003.


UVM Arts and Sciences Faculty Development Grant for study in Cuba, May 2002.


2001 Barry S. Brook Award for best dissertation in music CUNY.


CUNY Dissertation Year Fellowship 1998-1999.





Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Big Band (Music Director, Contractor, Performer)


Birth of the Cool: Music by the Miles Davis Nonet. Featuring Ray Vega, trumpet. Performances in June 2012 (BDJF), and in September 2012 (UVM), and May 2013 (SUNY Plattsburgh).


Textures: Jim Hall with Brass featuring the Jim Hall Trio (Jim Hall, guitar, Scott Colley, bass and Joey Baron, drums) with brass ensemble, Alex Stewart, conductor. Flynn MainStage, 2010 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival.

Paquito D’Rivera Funk Tango. Produced, co-directed, and played saxophone in concert on Flynn MainStage with 17-piece orchestra with guests: Paquito D’Rivera, alto saxophone; Diego Urcola, trumpet; Alex Brown, piano; Massimo Biocalti, bass; Mark Walker, drums; and special guest Ray Vega, trumpet. Burlington Discover Jazz Festival (1 June 2008). Reviews in Free Press, AllAboutJazz, and other media.


Mary Lou Williams Resurgence with Cecilia Smith, vibraphone and Amina Claudine, piano, 2007 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Flynn Center.


Music of Jim McNeely with special guest Jim McNeely, piano 2006 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Flynn Center.


Sketches of Spain: Celebrating the Miles Davis/Gil Evans Collaboration with trumpeter Randy Brecker and guest conductor, Joe Muccioli 2005 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Flynn Center.     


The Grand Wazoo: Music of Frank Zappa, with Ernie Watts, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ike Willis, and Ed Palermo 2004 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Flynn Center.


Duke Ellington Sacred Concert, with David Berger, Priscilla Baskerville, Paul Broadnax, and 100-voice Choir, 2003 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival, Flynn Center


Rick Davies & Jazzismo


Featured Performer: Jazz Education Network Conference, San Diego, CA Jan 2015.


Workshops and concerts, Colectivo Central, Oaxaca, Mexico. June, July 2011.


With guests pianist/composer Arturo O’Farrill (and sons, Zachary, percussion and

Adam, trumpet), FlynnSpace. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. With Jonathan Maldonado, drums, and Papo Ross, vocals and alto saxophone, 2009.


With guest artist Ray Vega, FlynnSpace (July 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008).


Appearances at SUNY Plattsburgh Jazz Festival (with Harvie S., 2002; with Chocolate Armenteros 2003; with Ray Vega 2008, 2011; with Curtis Fowlkes 2010 ); Red Square and other venues.


Oaxaca, Mexico: Colegio Teizcali, Colectivo Central, Spring 2007.


Other Jazz and Latin


Featured soloist – SUNY Plattsburgh Jazz Festival December 2013.


James Harvey and Garuda – opening act for Randy Weston in Discover Jazz Festival (2004); numerous other performances around region.


Beboparaka (featuring poetry of Amiri Baraka) – jazz and poetry collaborations with UVM professors Major Jackson, Tina Escaja, John Gennari and UVM students. Performances at the Discover Jazz Festival and local venues. Coverage in the Burlington Free Press and Vermont Quarterly (2005, 2006).


Grupo Sabor (Salsa and Merengue) – Performances in UVM’s Grand Maple Ballroom and Brennan’s Pub for Alianza Latina (2010), Higher Ground, Burlington; Red Square; Eclipse Theater, Waitsfield; Onteora Club, New York; Burlington Latino Festival (2001-present).


Performances with UVM jazz faculty (Jeff Salisbury, Joe Capps, Paul Asbell, Patricia Julien, Ray Vega, John Rivers, Tom Cleary, Rick Davies, Steve Ferraris) at recitals, concerts, and other events (1999-present).


The Lionel Hampton Orchestra; featured artists: Dizzy Gillespie, Dee Dee Bridgewater, and others. Extensive tours of Europe and North America and appearances at major jazz festivals including: North Sea, Nice, Montreal, Newport (NY and Saratoga), Biarritz (1989-1991).

The Bill Warfield Band, The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, David Berger, Paquito D’Rivera, Clem DeRosa, Bobby Shew, David Liebman, Andy Farber, Stan Rubin, Lew Anderson, Billy Mitchell, Roland Hanna, Lew Soloff, Randy Brecker and many more (1985-1999).      


The Lehigh Valley Repertory Jazz Orchestra: Sketches of Spain featuring Randy Brecker, An Evening with David Liebman, A Tribute to Benny Goodman featuring Buddy DeFranco, and Celebrating Louis Armstrong featuring Jon Faddis (1997-2000).




Frankie Valli, Ray Charles (Sweden 1999), Mary Wells, Frankie Avalon (Atlantic City), The Drifters, Funk Filharmonik, The Funk Collection, Nick Apollo Forte, Little Wilson, Sandra Wright Band, Jimmy Branca and the Red Hot Instant Combo, Dave Grippo Funk Band, and others (1985-present).


Contractor, musical director. Joan Rivers. Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. April 26, 2012.


Orchestra contractor with Bernadette Peters at the Flynn Center of the Arts October 2011.




Rick Davies and Jazzismo, Salsa Norteña, - Tenor saxophone (Recorded in Montreal 2011 (forthcoming in 2012).


New York Jazz Repertory Orchestra, Le Jazz Hot, featuring Dave Liebman and Vic Juris. Planet Arts 310976 - Baritone saxophone, bass clarinet (2009).


Rick Davies and Jazzismo, Siempre Salsa, featuring Wayne Gorbea. Emlyn Music EM1001 - Tenor saxophone (2006).


Anne Hampton Callaway, To Ella with Love, featuring Wynton Marsalis, Christian McBride, Lewis Nash, Cyrus Chestnut. Touchwood Records TWCD 2006 - Tenor saxophone and clarinet (1998).


Peter Herborn, Large, featuring Gene Jackson, Greg Osby, Robin Eubanks, and others. Jazzline JL1154-2 – Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (1998).


Billy Stritch, Waters of March: The Brazilian Album. Sin Drome SD8950 - Tenor saxophone and flute (1998).


Dave Stryker, Nomad, featuring Randy Brecker and Steve Slagle. Steeplechase Records SCCD31371 - Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (1997).                             


Frankie Lane: Wheels of a Dream. Touchwood Records TWCD 2020 - Tenor saxophone, flute, and alto flute (1997).


The Bill Warfield Band, The City Never Sleeps. Seabreeze Records CDSB 2048 - Baritone saxophone and bass clarinet (1996).              




Guest Conductor, Connecticut Valley District Jazz Festival, January 30-31, 2015.


Guest Conductor, Winooski Valley Jazz Festival, February 4-5, 2010.


Adjudicator/Clinician, Vermont All-State Festival, International Association of Jazz Educators (IAJE): 2000-2003.


Guest Conductor, Nassau County (Long Island) All-County Jazz Festival, 1997.






Friends of Indian Music and Dance (FIMD), Burlington VT


Burlington Discover Jazz Festival Advisory Board


Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM)


Society for American Music (Sonneck)


American Musicological Society (AMS)


Latin American Studies Association (LASA)